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And The Stars Above Shine Brightly

Posted on 2005.08.14 at 14:45
Rated R or even X. Depending on how easily you get offended

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Posted on 2005.08.07 at 15:54
Oh yay. My parent's informed me that tomorrow, we're going to visit family in cow country. I would rather stay here and work and spend time with Ellie. But noo, they have to take me to the States to visit family I've never even met. I'm jumping for joy.

So yeah. That's where I'll be for the next week. Wish me luck. If you're lucky, I'll post some pictures of me cow tippin! Not really

{{I'll be back on Saturday. Vegas, here I come!!}}



Posted on 2005.08.04 at 22:35
These past few days have been quite interesting. I've been working like crazy, like usual. I swear, these past few days have been hell. First it was the weekend rush, so a bunch of travelers just so happened to stop by the Dot and decide to take their road frustrations out on me, who was nowhere NEAR the road.

I think in the past week, I've had four bowls of soup dumped, a hoard of screaming kids, 2 dumped milkshakes {ha, funny story actually}, and one week long suspension. Fuck me.

So, yeah. I'm on suspension for the little milkshake incident. All I have to say, is they kind of deserved it. Alex was being a ball buster, and Paige.. Well. She was being Paige.

I will say this though, Paige, I was out of line on the phone. I really am sorry about what I said..

I've been talking to Ellie alot lately. She lent me her Poe book. Good stuff there. She says that I should drop the 'dumb jock' facade and be me. The real me. I honestly doubt anyone would believe it. My GPA in summer school is 3.5, which is good.

I have to go.. Work calls, yet again


Summer School

Posted on 2005.08.01 at 16:19
Woohoo, Summer school!

Shoot me now. Ms. H said I could come back if I went, and actually did well. So, I've been studying like crazy. Suprisingly, my summer school GPA is a 3.5, and it isn't moron stuff either. I'm awesome, I know. haha..

Not really though. I've been doing a lot of thinking, and alot of regretting. I wish I was never apart of that Rick fiasco. I want to do something to rectify? my mistakes. I don't know. I just wanna do something to get the word out about domestic violence. Damn. Listen to me.. I'm sounding like Emma. haha.

I don't know. Its gonna be a short post, cuz I have to get to work. Fun fun fun.

I'm out